About Our Program

What to expect at McDonough-Grimes Irish Dance.


McDonough-Grimes gives quality instruction while students enjoy learning new steps and dancing to lively Irish music. Our dancers embody a three-fold approach to competing and class time (the 3Hs):

  • Humbleness: in our accomplishments and in our talents no matter our success; respect our fellow classmates and competitors.
  • Hard work: in each lesson, competition, or practice at home.
  • Heart: to pursue dreams and never give up in the face of obstacles. It's pride in dancing in the school and rejoicing at every dancer's accomplishments.

The classes at McDonough-Grimes build the dancer's confidence while being honest in corrections. Mistakes are treated as part of the learning process. Mistakes aren't something to fear, they're how we learn to become better dancers. McDonough-Grimes wants to foster a love for Irish dance.

Irish dancing is fun, athletic, and a rewarding experience. Dancers hold their arms by their sides and make intricate footwork look effortless. But beyond the dancing, this art form teaches the life lessons we want to impart to children: the joy of success, the determination to never give up, the belief in pursuing dreams, and the strength to handle temporary defeat with grace and dignity. Irish dance allows you to make life-long friends.

Photo of Dancers