Fall Class Schedule!

REGISTRATION TIMES THIS WEEK: Dover Studio: 97 New Rochester Rd. 

Monday: 4-5pm
Tuesday: 4pm-5pm, 7-8pm.
Wednesday: 3pm

Friday (22nd) - 9-10am.
Monday (25th)- 9-10am

Dancers are welcome to come practice in the studio at these hours since I will be there. If there’s a lull, I’ll help you with your dancing! 

Please have a look at the attached Fall Schedule in PDF: 


Adv Beg/Novice class is going 1hr 30 mins now with the hardshoes. -Additional time is no change in prices from this year. Logistically, this makes the most sense to allow time for all 5 dances, a shoe change, and traditional sets if time allows.

Beg.2- is for students who took classes last year and know the Reel, Slip Jig, and Light Jig (or are close finishing those 3 dances) They’ll be moving into hard shoes when the class is ready.

 is for those who have completed Intro To Irish Dance or are just starting in September. I will attempt to group these classes by those who have taken Intro To Irish Dance vs. those just starting out.
There are many times available. I have more flexibility in times this year, but this is the starting point for planning the year! Email if you have questions! I’m attaching the registration form in PDF if you’d like to do it by mail. 
Please send me an email if you prefer this option so I’ll know to be on the lookout for the paperwork. 

Beginner 1 Class times are as follows for easy reading:

Monday- 4pm
Thurs- 5:30pm
Fri -4pm
Saturday- 11am

Fall Schedule 2014

Registration Form 2014